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Superconductivity - the challenge of no resistance at room temperature

In this study, we performed experiments to examine the influence of heating on the I - V characteristics of commercially available YBCO and Bi tapes. We chose temperature and heating duration as experimental parameters. The sample tapes were heated in a thermostatic chamber, and thermocouples were attached to sample tapes to monitor the rise in temperature.

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We measured the I - V characteristics in liquid nitrogen before and after temperature rise treatment. Article : Date of Publication: 30 January Items related to Rise of Superconductors.

Ford; G. Rise of Superconductors.

The Rise of the Superconductors

Ford ; G. Publisher: CRC Press , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. HTSs are type-II superconductors, and allow magnetic fields to penetrate their interior in quantized units of flux. The layered structure also gives a directional dependence to the magnetic field response. The most studied high-temperature superconductors are the cuprate superconductors including yttrium barium copper oxide Ba 2 YCu 3 O 7 , famous as the first material to achieve superconductivity above the boiling point of liquid nitrogen , and Bi,Pb 2 Sr 2 Ca 2 Cu 3 O Other high- T c cuprate superconductors include La 1. The compound MgB 2 is also generally included with high- T c materials.


Ceramic superconductors and other unconventional superconductors differ in many important ways from conventional superconductors, such as elemental mercury or lead, which are adequately explained by the Bardeen—Cooper—Schrieffer BCS theory.