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Scientific Disciplines Primary: Astronomy, Instrumentation, Iatrochemistry Subordinate: Cartography, Astrology, Meteorology The astrology was both judicial and medical; eventually Tycho became disillusioned with it. Thoren talks a great deal about alchemy, but it always sounds like Paracelsian iatrochemistry to me. Tycho was greatly influenced by Paracelsus. Over long years Tycho kept records of the weather, convinced that he would find correlations with other things, such as positions of the planets.

Means of Support Primary: Personal Means, Patronage His education and travelling expenses, , were certainly paid by his father. Otte Brahe died in ; the will was finally straightened out in Tycho shared the patrimonial estate of Kundstrup with his brother Steen. It was a rather small inheritance given Tycho's family, but enough to support him in comfort.

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In the early s he lived and worked at Herreved abbey, which was run by his maternal uncle Steen Billie. In , King Frederick II granted him the island of Hveen rent-free for the rest of his life and the expenses to establish and maintain a place where he could undertake his astronomical work. The maintainance grant was daler per year. He left Uraniborg in In , he was granted the revenues and firewood from the manor of Kullagaard. In , he was given the use of 11 farms near Helsingborg.

In he was granted the fiefdom of Nordfjord in Norway.

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Patronage Types: Court Official, Aristrocrat Certainly one of Tycho's most poweful patrons was Peter Oxe, who rapidly reassimilated his power after he was allowed to return to Denmark in Oxe was made governor of Copenhagen in and Lord High Steward--head of the government in all but name. Both Otte and Jorgen Brahe were linked to Oxe's power. Jorgen fell out of favor after Oxe's exile in because of his association with him. And Otte probably received Helsingborg castle because of Oxe's influence. It was through Oxe that the first vacant canonry at Roskilde cathedral was reserved for Tycho as early as see 6.

Paul Hainzel subsidized Tycho's construction of a very large instrument on his estate outside of Augsburg in About the same time, Tycho gave Hainzel a portable sextant that he had designed and used.

King Frederick II d. See Thoren, pp. In return for his patronage, Tycho composed nativities for the Frederick's sons in , , and ; composed a report on the astrological inplications of the comet of and maybe also those of and ; and provided Frederick with some kind of annual prognostications. In early Tycho wrote a letter to Peder Soerensen, who was complaining about the burdens of court life, commenting extensively on the lot of the client.

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This letter sounds revealing. See Thoren, p. Tycho declined. Tycho himself acted as a patron to a number of students and assistants.